avro lancaster 75 inch


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edit 1:
Im in the process of building a avro lancaster with FT building technique and tapered scale wing.
This first post is to show pictures of the developpement. I'm also making plans as it progress and the goal will be to post the plans once completed (winter).
For transport, the wing will have 4 connecting joints and fuselage 3 parts. The longer piece being under 30 inch, it should/might fit all in a 50 sheet foam board box. carbond fiber spar structure will add minimal extra weight and allow to carry at least 1kg of payload ( I anticipate a bit more)
Will use a modified version of my simple retractable gears https://forum.flitetest.com/index.php?threads/simple-retracts-9g-servo-operated.71061/#post-732385
for the lancaster.

in addition to above, it will also feature:
-big bomb bay with scale opennign and closing doors.
-fpv kit that can move in one or two axis, to be places at front, top or back cupola.
-short power pod (sead duck style) that is compatible with sponz firewall.
-optimised esc cooling with engine cowling airflow use

Big emphasis is put on making it modular for easy transpotation or replacing parts (nose, etc)



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