Axis Fighter Re 2005 Sagittario


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Hi all,

due to constant falling rain I had a session in my workshop and here is a glimpse on my latest creation.

It is a late axis fighter, the Reggiane Re 2005 Sagittario, or in my spelling, the FB Sagittario.


In the wings I made provisions for a landing gear. As a new build, there are areas that do not fit perfect.

If it flys well, I will do a mod to represent the more numerous Re 2001 Falco.

Suggestions welcome


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Nice this is what happands when you let the community design planes. We get some really cool planes besides the mustang or spits great job hope the testing goes well
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I totally agree with the others, paint would make this (even more) droolworthy :)

Nice job, I like seeing these more uncommon planes


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The colour quest

What do you like more:

a) green with gray underside


b) sand with green camo and white underside



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It's not forgotten, but was a bit postponed because of other highly interesting projects and of cause family life.

It's a bit hot in my attic and cleaning up the workbench is still under way.

Stay tuned, this gentle flyer deserves some paint and a plan.


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Very nice choice of plane to build, and did get great. THe planes design is lovely, and you got that propotions looking on yours too.

Italians had a leopard styled paint too, that could look nice on it. ...
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