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AXN Floater Jet airfoil

Hi everyone !
Can someone help me ? I am looking for AXN Floater airfoil. What airfoil is on this plane ? Can you post a pic or PDF file with this airfoil ?
Thanks !
Thanks for the reply but this is not the actual airfoil, this part of the wings is thicker because it pops into fuselage. I would like to know how it looks like in the middle of the wing. Maybe I should cut mine in half and find out for myself :)


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
I think it looks more like a flatbottom one!

Watch the episode of Flite Test regarding Airfoils and you can find out some other stuff that might be useful for your purposes
Yeah, I watched the episode when it came out :) I have a selection of many airfoils i front of me here but I think I'll go on the safe side and use Clark Y. I used that airfoil many times in free flight and it really is an all-rounder. It's similar to the AXN airfoil so it will do just fine :)

I asked for airfoil because i intend to make new wings