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Baby Blender "Art" Plane

Just thought I would share, I took the pics of my baby blender and heat pressed the image using heat transfer paper, the press actually melts the foam just enough to strengthen the dollar tree foam board and adheres the paper to eliminate desalination from the stock foam, the wing supports are stronger now than my last baby blender that had several bbq skewers bracing it! If you have access to a heat press it is a fun and light weight way to strengthen and decorate you scratch builds!



Junior Member
I am not sure a hobby iron will work. A few months ago I thought I would try to get the FT plans printed with a laser printer to transfer the toner directly to the DTFB to eliminate the need to hold the plans in place while cutting. I used my wife clothes iron with no water in it (please don't tell her). I knew that too much heat would destroy the foam so I started on the lowest setting. Even on low it warped the foam board badly and still wasn't warm enough to transfer the toner. Rats. I think the problem it that the heat caused the foam to shrink slightly.

The cool thing about using a heat press is that any shrinkage would happen over the whole surface so no warping. Cool! Wish I had one. I'd like to try the toner transfer again. What do those things go for?