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Back to RC, Again!

Hello All,

I've been following Flite Test on Youtube for over a year now. I finally broke down and ordered a Simple Scout and figured I should join the forums.

My dad did his best to get me into RC from a young age. My first plane was a line control J-3 cub with a cox .049; I don't believe we ever got it to fly a full circle!

Next up was the Cox Gooney Bird (Lazy Bee). I think we might have managed a flight or two with that one, but nothing spectacular.

When I was a little older, dad got me a World Models .40 sized 4-channel trainer ARF. Both of us were afraid to fly the thing lest we destroy it. After a year or so of owning the thing without a single flight, a fellow came along that new how to fly RC and offered to maiden the plane and pass me the transmitter.
We got the beast running, he took off and got her trimmed out. About the time he was going to hand me the transmitter the front dowel holding the wing rubber bands ripped itself out! The wing fluttered its way to the ground as the fuselage made like a lawn dart.

Fast-forward to my freshman year of college. I happened to end up at Hodges Hobbies with a friend who helped me pick out all the pieces to get a GWS slow stick going. I took it back to the dorms and had it assembled in a few days. At that point I had no one to show me how to maiden the bird, and I was unaware of any forums to follow for guidance. (this was circa 2007)
After several days I got impatient and decided I was going flying. I went out to a local park on a weekday, no crowd, but lots of wind. Needless to say, I porpoised about for about 30 seconds before destroying the plane. I boxed up the pieces and left well enough alone after that!

So now it's 2016, I've discovered Flite Test on youtube and really want to try again. I loved the looks of all the DTFB planes, but didn't think I could justify all the ancillary equipment needed to get into the air. So I went down to the LHS and picked up the hobbyzone RTF Champ. That sat in a box until thanksgiving of THIS year when we went to visit family.
When we got down south for thanksgiving I discovered that my dad had purchased a champ as well! Unfortunately he had already had a few incursions with the pecan trees across the street, so his champ didn't fare well while I was home. But wouldn't you know, I finally managed to fly an RC plane without destroying it! And I took every chance I could to go fly a battery out while I was down south.

I've only managed to fly the plane once since coming back up to Ohio, but I'm looking forward to building my Scout and meeting the local AMA club in the spring!

I'll be asking you all plenty of questions I'm sure.


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Hello Eldowr.
That's a great descriptive intro. Looking forward to the posts to come.

Welcome to the forum.