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their products are not bad it's just shipping times, roughly around 2 weeks. It's not like they sell only knockoff products either, they sell a lot of legit products but for lower.


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My dad ordered some motors from them, and was disappointed that they didn't come with mounting screws or spinner nuts to hold the props on. Pictures that he saw said they did, and nowhere in the description did it say they were not included...Caveat emptor, I guess.
I'm with everybody else, no major issues except slow shipping. Most stuff that I have ordered I am ok with it being slow as it wasn't anything super crucial and needed ASAP.


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if you filter your searches to only the US warehouse shipping is usually comparable to most other places. now if you order from the china warehouse, be prepared to wait. also don't be surprised if you have to go to the post office to sign for the package if your not at home when they try and deliver.

one of my newest favorite airplanes i got from banggood. was a little hesitant when i bought it and started to assemble. in fact i was soo worried i did about 90% of assembly then stopped and just hung it from the rack for a few months. about 3 weeks ago i looked at it and said, "not doing any good sitting there, might as well try it." so i finished the assembly and could not be happier. this is the best 3D plane i currently have in the hangar.



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Oddly enough the only time I've had issues with shipping from BG is when I've paid more for fast shipping. I do usually pay the $1 or so extra for tracking since I know it's going to be 2-4 weeks and I like being able to see that the package is actually moving. The last few times I ordered from them most things arrived in about 2 weeks.

2-3 times I paid extra for the <1 week shipping...and each time my tracking number was bogus and the shipment not only took longer than expected but actually took longer than other orders placed with them a day or two later without paying for upgraded shipping.


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On the rare occasions I paid for faster shipping (or when free shipping wanst an option) I usually got my thing faster, between 1 and 2 weeks instead of 3.

It does depends a bit on the size too, I ordered a larger glider and some electronics at the same time and the glider arrived one week after the smaller package.