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Basic Profile Setup


Rotor Riot!
Basic Profile Setup​

How to set up your profile:

Go all the way up to the top of this page. Click on Settings.

Click on Edit Profile.

Here you can change:

  • Email & Password

    The email where you receive FliteTest notifications, if enabled.
  • User Title

    Shows up under your name on every post you make. Be creative.
  • Birthday

    If you enter all your details here, your birthday will show up in the Calendar.
  • Contact Info

    This contact information is so that people can contact you on any of the listed services.

Additional Information

  • Biography

    A description of yourself. Or what you want others to believe about you.
  • Location

    Your home location. If people know where you live, they can arrange for a flight reunion.
  • Interests

    What keeps you busy while waiting for the glue on your plane to dry. Music? Computers?
  • Occupation

    What you work with.

Change Profile Picture

Click on the "Choose File" button. Select a picture from your computer and click Open. This will become your Profile Pic.


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Rotor Riot!
Change Avatar

Click on the "Choose File" button. Select a picture from your computer and click Open. This will become your Avatar.

An avatar is an image that identifies the person that is talking. When you are in a normal conversation, you recognize the person because of his voice. On the web, an avatar identifies the person who is speaking, so that a reader can more easily follow the conversation.

Change Signature

Your signature is a small paragraph that is shown after each post. It is suggested that you do not use big fonts, sharp colors, or huge paragraphs; as this deviates the readers attention from the forum topic, and is generally upsetting.

This is an example of an honest, small and not distracting signature.

Change Profile Privacy

Here you can change who can access the different parts of your profile. It is very self-explaining.

This is all for now.


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Downeast flyer
Any way to change color scheme for the forums? The date/time of each post appears almost white on white and extremely hard to read without highlighting it by dragging cursor across it. Thanks