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basslord1124 RC flight and Flitetest journey/diary - Perkyplanes & RC


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Glad to see you NOT looking so stressed as you have in other videos. the Job change will do wonders for you at least in the stress department.

Just my non normal thinking thoughts about the retracts on this model. I know they are not scale for the airframe but might I suggest for now you roll with them? The reason I say this is I have seen several members on the forums use the ones that rotate who ran into alignment issues when installing and then once they got over that hurdle had issues with twisting and not staying straight on harder landing sometimes striping or even breaking the wire that holds the wheels on.

The straight ones you have should be more sturdy and allow for you to "learn" the ins and outs of retractable gear as well as get more time on the airplane to become more proficient with landings that would minimize the chances for major damage on not so perfect landings.
I tend to agree with @PsyBorg! Learn on the simple ones then go to the complicated ones.
LOL, I should keep that in mind for future builds @PsyBorg . Except knowing me I wouldn't do it on a classic plane like the Corsair. I'd probably do something crazy thing like that on a Wright Brothers model, Cub, or something silly like that.

I appreciate the insight and totally understand where you guys are coming from...almost makes me wish I hadn't sold em already. BUT, I'll go ahead and suck it up and get the rotating ones like I planned. I generally have 2 ways to how I fly...

-Nice, easy, and elegantly...OR
-crashing it into something.

I'm hoping for the first one on the Corsair obviously lol. If I stay on the nice and easy path, the landing gear will probably last pretty good once I get over any little hurdles. Besides, with my schedule and family and stuff, I'm usually weeks or even months between flights sometimes. So, with that in mind too, I'll hang on to the gear for a while.

And if I crash it hard, oh well. I'll make sure it goes out with a bang lol.

Either way I'm not going to sink too much money into the rotating retracts. Just something to get me by.

On another note, I got a new video posted of progress on the Mystery Ship:

First one on the topic and more to come as I've been progressing decently with it.