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basslord1124 RC flight and Flitetest journey/diary - Perkyplanes & RC

Hola once again....time for another update, basically a month to the date of my last one...

1st off a video I just recently released...5 years on youtube...

Youtube was kind of a weird thing for me to get into on a more consistent basis. I used to just do a video here and there...but my RC planes channel was a little different. My wife and I went through a period of watching a lot of vloggers (Adam the Woo, Justin Scarred to name a couple) and that sort of inspired us to do youtube. I chose focusing on my RC hobby and my wife just did more general vlogging type stuff. Between us, I keep up more on the youtube channel than she does but she still does videos every now and then. Aside from the interest in vloggers, I think we both maybe had the crazy dream we might make money off of youtube. I have long since gave up on the idea of making money on the platform. I have looked at it more of making videos for fun and just sharing my experience with the hobby...whether it's funny, silly, educational, doesn't matter. I don't care if anyone watches them but I'd at least like to hope and think that someone can get a little something from my videos.

Well things are moving (haha moving, get it?) in a decent positive direction now with house selling/house buying. Don't want to jinx it or anything, but basically things are moving in the right direction. *fingers crossed*

With all the move stuff, I still haven't touch any planes in a while...hopefully in the coming months I can get back into it.

Oh well, hope all is well around here and that everyone had a good 4th of July holiday!
Well I wanted to give another update in terms of the house situation...

Unfortunately we are back to the drawing board with the house. We had a very promising offer on the house, but the buyer ended up backing out of it as we started moving through the process. So...perhaps I did jinx it? :cry: Our old house was built in like the 1920's and 30's... so it's definitely presented its fair share of challenges both in terms of living there and trying to sell it. Maybe it'll sell by the end of the year at the rate it's going.

We have managed to get us a storage unit and have already migrated a bunch of stuff there already. Even stored a few balsa planes in there as well. I have pondered to keep a few foamboard planes out just to fly when I have a moment of downtime.

I have also had a few health concerns creep up so please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I will update later once I have my next doctor appointment(s).


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Hmmm sounds like a sales job on your realtor for that offer. Afaik, the only way to jinx a house is to be there when the buyer shows, or have rooms painted black with studs and rafters showing. People like me lowball those houses, I don't mind the work to repair, but I won't pay full price for the privilege.

The market in many cities has gone really soft last couple of weeks, but it's nothing a price reduction won't fix. Take heart, once it took me 2 years to sell a house during a depression and I lost my butt on the sale........
@Piotrsko , I have noticed the market has changed a little here recently...seems like some prices are dropping around here. Houses are still popping up like crazy, and some are disappearing as quick as they appear (of course that depends on price, location, how nice it is, etc). We have literally seen houses that pop up, and as soon as we reach out to our realtor to go look at it, it already has an offer on it.


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Sadly this market is where you need friends and contacts and then you have to settle for what there is mostly before you buy. Pick an area, decide on your absolute minimum requirements........ worst case you have to live in a non optimum house for a couple years. Lord knows I had to do that lots, last one was 15 years. Just dont miss the opportunity.
New video...

After many years of Spektrum use, I made the switch to OpenTX/Taranis.

Question which I pose in the video...is it "ter-ann-us" or "ter-anus" :p

Thanks to @PsyBorg for the big recommendation on switching...I honestly kinda feel like this is my radio. And it allowed me to have a lot more than 6 channels without costing a fortune.

Things are really moving in a good positive direction with the house and moving. Don't wanna jinx anything at the moment, so I'll post the details later. :) Hope everyone out there is doing well and staying safe.