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basslord1124 RC flight and Flitetest journey/diary - Perkyplanes & RC

Well getting towards the end of my isolation period and CoVid. I actually feel ok...even went out and cut the grass today. Wife is still having it rough...more fatigue than anything else. I'm hoping that will go away in the next day or 2.

Well here recently I fired up the glow engine (Supertigre) on my Carl Goldberg Wild Stick...posted a video on it as well:


This is the first time I have started and ran a glow engine. The first plane I had when I was a teen had a glow engine, but my dad was the run who ran the engine for me while I manned the throttle. So it was pretty exciting to do it myself. Overall it was a neat and fun experience. And since I am over the hurdle that I can start one, now comes the challenge of tuning it. I should also mention that this plane has the biggest prop I have ever used...it uses a 16" prop!

It's kind of a flip to go from electric power to glow power. I know it seems electric is becoming more and more common, and that glow is on the way out. When I got this plane (and another glow one as well), I just decided I was going to try and keep them stock and give glow/nitro a try. At this point, I'm not really partial to the form of power I use. To me, it's all good. I also kind of think as hobbyists we should be well rounded and try some out new (or old) things.

Well something else came about recently that might be shocking to some. As I was going through my collection of planes in my building and seeing all the FT models, I thought to myself: "Wow, I have a lot of these, I should downsize or trash some of them." Noticed all kinds of past projects that were successful, not successful, could be successful, and everything in between. It was kinda overwhelming....I became a mad builder. So in a little bit of a state of confusion on what to do with some of these old projects.

Well that's all from for this time. Hope all is well with everyone else. Stay safe!
New video... more building/vlog style stuff this time.

Yeah due to Covid and other things, just didn't really get to do a whole lot. Hoping that June will be a better month for things. I will say, I am reaching a decent comfort level with Taranis/OpenTx. So I've got programming planes down pretty good...and I know some here are so used to Taranis/OpenTx radios and I'm basically a n00b even though I've been flying a while lol. Darn Spektrum!

Something else I touch on in the video is making the changes to build/design some sort of RC plane rack/storage system. Plan on mounting the planes in the upper parts/ceiling of the building. I have been very intrigued by the PVC options and hope to create some sort of PVC storage setup. There has been some difficulty and confusion with that as the upper parts of the building's ceiling are at a much steeper angle than the lower sections. BUT I have been given some other suggestions (pulley system) that may help with that.
Posted this in another thread, but I crashed the FT Seaduck. First flights of the year after a long hiatus. Happened to fly right in the sun and lost visual but I am think it went inverted before I had a chance to respond. It was a little bit gusty that day too, so I think that may have played a factor.

New video... recorded the same day of the Duck crash:

Not the typical foamboard plane flying, but still RC. With the 10mph wind gusts, it made flying this little drone tricky, so I figured to make it a good practice to try and keep it as steady as I could. I hadn't flown any drones in a while either. Kinda thinking I should've warmed up with it before flying the Duck, but oh well.

Life in the building is going pretty good. About finished with the main parts of insulation I was wanting to add. I will be getting a "new to me" workbench here in the coming weeks/month or so. Currently I am using 2 x 4 foot tables sandwiched together. The new one will be L shaped mostly all one piece. I have also taken the plunge into a little bit of plane organization:

pvc rack.jpg

Have seen many people making plane racks out of PVC. Seems like I have always avoided it or did something else...until now. This is probably a different type of PVC rack than what others build, but I think this type of setup should work well for my situation. The plan is to build 2 other racks next to this one...only difference is the next 2 racks will be able to hold 4 planes each.

Aside from that, nothing much else going on. Hope everyone out there is staying safe.
Couple new videos, first on the Wild Stick...

Overall, while I hate the setbacks with the Wild Stick, I feel like it'll be rewarding in the end. To be able to run and tune a glow engine properly, or as best as I can. This is sort of a dying art and I'd like to at least try experience it for a little bit. Plan on running the SuperTigre engine on a test mount so I can run it, tune it, and learn basically. Not sure how long it'll take, but I'll take as long as I need.

And the latest video....while I continue to work on the SuperTigre engine, I figured I'd drag this thing out. So I'm finally featuring this thing even though I have had it for a while.

Figured it'll give me something to have some fun with in the mean time.
Some more video updates....

Yes I have literally dropped Diet Mountain Dew...and now I'm drinking coffee and water mainly. I used to be very anti-coffee and my how things have changed. Also, my first attempts at building a PVC rack for plane storage.

Latest video of this round...I have just came to the conclusion I have too many unfinished plane projects. Also talking about RC clubs, AMA, communities, etc.