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basslord1124's (Perkyplanes & RC) plane/project list and other resources


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Just a list to keep me on track PLUS give me more room to type (you can't fit a whole lot of characters in a signature). Got my trusty Mt Dew here so lets get started...

Hangar- Ready to go!!
-Hobbyzone Champ
-FT Bloody Baron
-FT Tiny Trainer

Currently in the build process/almost ready to maiden
-FT Edge ... painting
-FT Spitfire
-KFM Wing


Future ideas
-FTFC20 - Travel Air Mystery Ship
-FT Corsair
-A foamboard plane: Top Secret (TBA)

Needs a little bit of work and TLC
-FT Mini Scout v2 Speed demon
-FT Seaduck
-Galaxy Glider
-FT Simple Cub
-FT Simple Storch
-Dynam PA 18 Super/Piper - "I don't know what it is" FrankenCub
-DIY Snowskimmer
-FT Baby Blender (wife's only FT build)

Needs A LOT of work, kit still in box, long term project, etc.
-FT Bushwacker (speedbuilt kit still in package) - got last Christmas as a gift

-Balsa - Hangar 9 Easy 2 VRTF - Got for about $20-$30 from someone my father-in-law knew. Originally gutted, missing landing gear, and needed some minor tail section repairs. Turned into all electric, flown about 3 times. Picked up some more tail damage...mostly minor though. Also removed old covering. Needs elevator repaired, new covering job, and electronics reinstalled.

-Balsa - Mini Funtana - airframe is in pretty good shape, some covering color fading. Picked up for about $25 at our RC club swap meet. Needs electronics.

-Balsa - VQ models, DHC2 Beaver -picked up for $75 at RC club swap meet. Still NIB, 60" wingspan, military color scheme. So far, I have assembled it and installed most of the servos. Still needs motor/ESC/receiver.

-FT Mini Corsair and FT Mini Mustang (speedbuild kit) - originally purchased for my father-in-law b/c we thought he might be interested in building them too. After having a hot glue mishap he got upset and pushed them aside and gave them to me.

-FT3D - airframe built, and somewhat painted. Needs electronics.

-Delta Dragon 3 channel pusher - free from a club member. Foam 50"-60" wing, plastic body. Used an FM radio that I couldn't ever get to work. Brushed motor seemed dead too. Would like to convert to brushless and 2.4Ghz.

-Balsa - P51 (nitro) - another RC club swap meet find...think father-in-law picked it up for $100. Don't remember much about as it's sitting at the in-law's house. I remember it was mostly equipped minus the receiver. 50"-60" wingspan, nitro OS engine, fixed landing gear.

RIP (but still open for resurrection)
-FT Super Bee
-FT Mini Scout v1
-FT Long EZ
-Profile Plane

This post, of course, will be updated as things progress/change.
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