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Bat bone tri 370 questions


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Hello all,

I'm trying out the FT bat bone tri 370 and I have a few questions about the build. I'm not sure if there is another forum on here that I can refer to so I'll just go ahead and ask my question until I hear otherwise.

1. Where is good place mount the KK2.0 board on the Bat Bone Frame? How do you mount it?

2. I am using these motors and I believe FT suggests a motor that is a couple of grams lighter why, and will I have problems?

3. Many people are using SimonK flashed ESCs, but I'm going to use these. Is there a problem with what I'm using?

4. Is there anything special that I have to do with my ESCs prior to flying(ie remove the positive lead from the molex connector, or hook up a programming card to them to change the programming)?

Thank you,

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