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Batteries Help


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I need batteries for my Bixler which I am also going to buy.
Here is what I have in mind: A Nano-tech 3S 2200mAh and a 850mAh spare just incase.

What are your suggestiong on the 2200 3S and I need help in getting the backup 3S. The backup must be cheap.


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When my main battery is out... I can atleast have a few last minutes of fun before returning back home.
If my main battery dies... I can use the backup for short flights while I wait for hobbyking to pack my order and the slow swiss post to send it to me.


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If you are needing a spare battery. I would suggest another 2200 that is close to the same weight and cheaper if that's what you want.
Going to a smaller backup means you will have to compensate your cog and your plane WILL fly a bit different because of the weight difference.
And stay with the 3s for the Bixler.


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UNderstood. I have a 2S 1600mAh which I might just try on the Bixler (Some fiberglass from HK LiPo sack just got into my index finger and whenver I press a button on the keyboard... it hurts... hehe).

I might do something totally crazy like have a front motor on the Bixler and turn it into a high performance racer... but that will be after I have reached Expert lvl. of RC pilot.

Another 2200 means more money... so... I might just steer clear of it. Is one 2200 enough? or do I need another one just in case?


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I have a 2S 1600mAh which I might just try on the Bixler
Just no.

I have a 2S 1600mAh which I might just try on the Bixler Another 2200 means more money... so... I might just steer clear of it. Is one 2200 enough? or do I need another one just in case?
Just wait until these get back in stock.


If you want a reserve battery get one with the same capacity. Too much hassle with different batteries every time. I originally bought 1x 1300mAh 3S battery, used it once in the Bixler and then switched to 2200's.

I'd save up some, and get 3 2200's for $42 shipped. Or 4x for $54.
sorry for the link to the 2S ... stick with 3S !!

have 2 2200 3S batteries .... its better to have the same battery for the model ... as our friends pointed, different batteries means diff CG adjustments.
All of them will do .... you will have less flying time but will work nonetheless ....

but my personal experience, preference and what i learned from 25 years on hobby is to never save $$ on batteries and chargers.

but that just me ....

about Tuning your Bixler into a HotRod; i have one of those, check my build on the bixler thread. (2 topics in this forum)

what happens: The Bixler have so much lift within his wings that the increase in speed will force the glider to climb everytime.

I have centered all my control surfaces when i mounted my Bixler; to keep it flying level i had 1/3 of the trim for down elevator, as i increase throttle i had to keep my thumb pressing pitch down or it will climb madly ! Power is nice to have as a backup, the bixler cant be too efficient at high speeds.

Dont get me wrong, its still amazing fun to fly it but i dont recommend a power setup for the beginner.


Well, let me complicate things on this battery issue. The 2200 mah 3s battery is great! The plane is more stable, but far less maneuverable than with a 1300mah 3s. I like the 1300's for that very reason. Personally, I'd get a 2200mah 3s and a 1300 mah 3s. The 2200 will give you long flight time and good gliding (can't call it soaring) characteristics. The Bixler will turn on a dime with the 1300 mah, while still being docile enough for beginners. Just my opinion.


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I will get something inbetween (not exactly) which is a 1500mAh 3S. I'll use the CG measurements on the BIXLER BUILD video series to get my CG right by moving the battery around, if needed I'll replace the washers with precisely measured lead weights.
good call... if you want performance get the lighter 1500 if you want flight time get the 2200.

but then again ... if you are going to use weights why not get a heavier battery ?


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Two of these will work perfect. And they are in stock.


One of those will cost you $16 shipped.
Two of those will cost you $27 shipped.
Three of those will cost you $41 shipped.
Four of those will cost you $52 shipped.
When I was talking about the 1500mah batteries... those were already in my cart. Great minds think alike.
I am thinking of buying them together to save on shipping.