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Battery Care*Battery Care*Battery Care


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Like some people, I only fly my RC planes during the weekend. When I’m done flying, I just store my batteries in an ammo box without doing a darn to them. The next time I charge them is during the following weekend when I go flying again. I’m sure that I'm doing something wrong.

Can anyone please give me some information, or just point to some information about proper caring for RC Lipo batteries?



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Good chargers have a "storage" function that will take them to about 3.8V/cell. This is optimum. Also if you have room in the fridge, storing them there can help extend their life.


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Also not storing them with a full charge if you do not fly them within a day or two will help with longevity as well as reduce volatility in case of an accident.
Battery balancer/dischargers like this one safely discharge your batteries to your designated set point, and will also balance any cells that get out of whack. Shop carefully and make sure the three bulbs are included, some sellers don't include those and sell the unit for about $10. These will also work with balance boards to discharge multiple packs at once.