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Battery Charger Help

Hey guys,

I just purchased by 2nd plane (Bixler) and I have a couple of questions. With my Bixler, I ordered a Turnigy 2.2 2200mAh 3C battery. I did not, however, order a charger. My Hobbyzone Champ came with a charger and that is pretty much the only experience I have with LiPO chargers or batteries. Does anyone have any LiPO charger recommendations on the cheap side that would work with my Bixler battery? I want something that will charge the battery and then shut off once it is full (like my champ charger).

Thanks for the help! I bought both of planes after watching flite test and proably wouldn't even think about getting a plane that the Josh's didn't recommend.



Senior Member
Agree with Foam, if you're not getting out of the hobby then invest in a good generic lipo/everything charger like the Turnigy Accucel-6 or another bantam knock-off as soon as you can afford it. Get a good fat power supply for it and build yourself a big octopus charge cable. It might seem like a boring and "unnecessary" investment, but at least I've been more and more happy with my charger investment as the use for it just grows.