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Battery Connector


Junior Member
I am just getting started and have ordered my first battery and esc. The batter is coming with JST connector and the ESC has nothing. I would like to start off on the right foot and go with one connection type for every battery/esc. What type of connector does everyone recommend?


Junior Member
I'm just starting out, but I bought JST and XT60 connectors. My understanding is, JST for sub 10 amp power rigs, XT60 for above that. I've seen mention of needing better rated connectors above 40 or 50 amps, but I've not looked at doing anything that requires that sort of current.


Amateur pilot and builder
JST and XT60 is a safe bet. Or JST and Deans. Just pick one and run with it. If you expect to run a larger battery on a smaller plane (XT60 battery on a JST sized ESC) then just make a small adaptor. You'll probably have to make a deans to XT60 adaptor for your charger anyways. That or convert your charger to XT60...


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I like EC3's (blue) and XT60's (yellow) much more than Deans. They're more maintenance and user friendly. I recommend shopping around for a favorite battery and going with whatever come on it (unless it's Deans).