Hey guys, I already have some experience with flying 3D planes but I am still a beginner. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good aerobatic but strong electric beginner 3D plane? I heard that the best beginner 3D planes are the EPP 3D planes because of their strength. I want something that can take a decent crash with out breaking but can also do all of the 3D maneuvers that advanced 3D planes can. I want something that I can take up in my back yard but can also take some wind. I would prefer an ARF or PNF plane with most of the electronics included. If anyone has any recommendations, please feel free to reply, thanks.
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I'd go with the crack yak or one of HobbyKing's epp/ply hybrids. Either one will be more robust than a balsa plane while being a viable 3d plane. Personally I go with the newer epp/ply edge 540 from HobbyKing. It's about 38" and a pretty stable performer.