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hello to all
i have devided this article:
to 3 partitoin and now i translate it to persian in order that persian use your good sites not....


for persian:
چه مدلی بخریم؟
چه رادیوکنترلی بخریم؟
سرعت این هواپیما چقدره؟
برای پاسخ به این سوال ها
روی سه لینک پشت سر هم کلیک کنید


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Hello bibbib. Translation is not a small task even when you are dealing with well known languages.

I am interested to know what experience you have in the hobby and what interests you might have.

Welcome to the forum.
I tried several times to make the flitetest models, but each time I encountered a problem, I tried to cut it with a cuter but it wasn't exact work now I'm testing it with a laser cnc and I did it on the way.


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Welcome to the FT Forums, bibbib!

Sorry you had trouble cutting some of the plans. What type of foam board are you using?

Hope to see some photos of your planes with instructions in Persian soon! :)


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looks like a double layered foam board. very interesting. if that is the case, then your airplanes are gonna be 2 x as heavy, that might explain some of your struggles. i would invest in a digital scale to weigh your planes, and coughing up $10 to have full access to this website... eCalc. it will tell you if you are heading in the right direction as far as weight, motor, prop, and battery.

what problems were you having with cutting you foam board like normal with a razor blade?

it looks like the laser you are trying to use is way too hot and just melting stuff. there is an FT article about a CNC needle cutter that you might look into. uses a brushless motor and sewing needle to cut foam board. no heat required.

welcome to the club!


jason ;)