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Beginner Series for MultiRotors


I am coming back into the hobby thanks to your fun, easy and inexpensive concepts on RC flight. Thank you so much for all you do and allowing me to have a resource to follow along with on my journey. I have been so inspired by the community that i have been able to create some really cool designs that once I become more competent as a Pilot, I will be testing (and posting to youtube).

While mostly I have been focusing my efforts on fixed wing, I cannot help my fascination that is building with Multirotors. With so many people interested in getting started in this aspect of the hobby, maybe (since the weather is getting worse in Ohio [sorry :(]) it would be a fantastic time to do a Multi Rotor Beginner series. Starting with the basics (just like the original fixed wing series that was completed last year). I would love to see topics like picking the "right motors, ESC and Flight controller", "tuning" and "how to fly" just to name a few.

Im sure that you all would be more than able to do this since you have so many Multirotor experts in the team!

Thank you, and Warm Regards,


Staff member
This was asked for quite often already. One problem is that producing such specific content like this needs a lot of planning to get everything in the right order, make it understandable and split it over a series of episodes. The fixed wing beginner series had a sponsor which made it easier to dig deep into it without losing focus on all the other work that needs to be done.

I've already suggested to get the community together to sponsor these episodes. I guess it's still discussed how to do this.