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Behind the Scenes 2012


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In this episode of Flite Test, Chad talks about the humble beginnings of Flite Test, and where he wants it to go in the future. Watch to see deleted scenes, footage that never aired, and maybe a sneak peak at some of our future episodes!


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Those glasses. WOW. :D

Interesting, I've never picked up on the "full scale" aspirations?

I do wonder how many people own a "Bixler" and have no idea there is a namesake.

FliteTest on Tv, YES. There is a vacuum of shows based on "flight". Houses, cars, stocks, petty "real" BS sure, but I'm pressed to come up with even one example of a show based on Bernoulli lift. The idea of a "TV" series is amazing. It's proven that you can make a successful TV show about man made things that move people. I have yet to see a show like this though on that scale which is sad. There have been "parts of shows that delve into it, the market is there, this show could be the vehicle!

I've been yearning for a rocket plane episode. I thought the calls fell of deaf ears, but no! It was attempted and failed. Hopefully to rise again?
Very cool, these little hidden videos ;) are great! I have nearly watched very episode since finding flitetest! Have not found an episode I don't like... in fact have loved them all!