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Best 1st RTF RC airplane for $100?


I know this is tooting my own horn, but this email I received from the mother of the kid that we bought the plane for is more rewarding to me than any paycheck could ever be. As frustrating as teaching can be (and in this economy and political environment its downright stomach-turning), these little things are a Godsend.

"Hi Mr. Murphy-Matt is soooooo excited about his new plane! I hope he remembered his manners and thanked everyone. When he got home today, he was so happy that he was able to take it out at lunch and fly it. I have a happy, happy boy. Thanks to all involved for doing this for him."


More combat please...
That's freakin awesome.
You know we (people my age) talk a lot about the problems with today's kids.
Lots of time I truly think the fault is with the parents and not the kids.
Sounds like this kid has a a good parent(s).
Gotta make life easier for folks like you (educators).