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Best 3d airplanes


I Like SBach 342's
An EPP foamie is a good place to start, or if you want a balsa plane people recommend the 3DHobbyShop 41/48" Edge 540 or the 47" Extra 300 SHP. I've also heard it said that the Extreme Flight 48" Edge 540T EXP is great for learning 3D.

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
When I wanted a larger 3D plane I went with the Hobbyking Galaxy. It's a 32" span, really nice docile slow flyer, very predictable, much easier to fly than my micro 4Site. It's not as durable as the EPP planes but it's a pretty quick build and it's so light and slow that it's very easy to fly. I highly recommend it. It's not that crash resistant but it's fairly easy to repair and I don't crash it nearly as much as the heavier faster planes because it just flies so nicely.



I love to HUCK!
This is my buddies company TAS Foamies. He's 18 years old and just a whizz at flying and designing. He started his own company and I am super proud of him. His EPP Extra is just amazing! Flies light and durable as well! 3D Monster! I will post a link to his maiden on a 30 degree evening! http://tasfoamies.webs.com/3034indoorfoamies.htm

Take a look at Twisted Hobbies. I have their XtraSlick and it is one of my favorite's. It's way up on the huck-a-bility scale and durability scale. Nice fast roll rate and good all around flying character. http://www.twistedhobbys.com/TH-32-EPP-Extra-Slick-RCF-TH-Extra-Slick-32.htm

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