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Best $6.89 I ever spent (HK product review Z wire benders)


Normally Im not much into gimmick tools and I thought this may be one. Since it was only $7 I figured what the heck. Boy was I surprised on what I got, a heavy set of 9" long Z bend pliers that work awesome. The wire I tested it on was the heaviest I currently use .055 (thats 1.4mm for everyone else who doesn't live in the United States). It bent the wire with minimal force into a perfect Z. Im impressed and giving them 5 stars.

I also found buried in the bottom of my goodie box a stow away. I didnt order it, but Im open to suggestions on which swappable could use a 11"x 7" pusher prop lol.


Aiiden compared to what Ive been able to do with my needle nose on heavier wire these will work just fine for me. Good for you though on being able to bend your own. Heres the fit on a Flite Test horn:


Senior Member
Heh, I call those "mystery parts" - unordered extra pieces HK drops in my orders. I have special storage box for them =). Seems you got lucky with that prop!