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best beginner 5/6 channel radio (compatiable with simulators)

i'm wanting to get started in the hobby of flying and i want to learn how to fly on a simulator. but i don't have a big budget right now. i was wondering what you guy's would recommend for say a 50 dollar budget. it would be an option to save some more money for like say a dx6i but it would take longer ;).

hoping on some feedback ;),

The Turnigy 9x is around that price range but I don't think it can do simulators with a modification. Your best bet is to save up some money and get a Transmitter that you will not need to replace once you get further into the hobby. The Frsky Taranis is a great radio that will do everything you need, and then some. It isn't outrageously priced as you can pick one up for around $150.


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Here are a couple of budget radios that give quite a bit of functionality. The slight cost difference from a non computer radio to a computer radio makes it not worth it to get a non programmable TX.



Unfortunately, both seem to be out of stock right now. Do keep an eye on the used market. The used price for a dx6i should have dropped now that the new DX6 is out.


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Oh, regarding simulators there are cheap simulator cables on hobbyking that fit basically all transmitters. Get one of those and you should be fine regardless of which TX you have.