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Best designs to study?

I am trying to learn how to design fixed wing balsa models. Are there any freely available plans for aircraft that in your opinion are really well-designed? I am especially interested in any that contain commentary from the designer about *how* they decided on designing it as they did.

I'm most interested in high-aspect ratio FPVs and slope gliders but that's less important than the explaining why.


Old and Bold RC PILOT
There is a large source of older style balsa designs, (and some modern), at www.outerzone.co.uk

I use the site for inspiration and have built a few rendered in FB.

A lot have the article which describes the build and the history behind the design.

Have fun!


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Everything you could ever want to know about R/C aircraft design in Andy Lennon books. Here's the one I have and you can get it at Amazon. LINK



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Outerzone and Aerofred are indeed outstanding sites for free plans downloads. I've probably downloaded 100 or more plans from them. I'll be lucky if I ever finish 10 of them though.....