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Best FPV Goggles under $65


I'm currently just getting into the hobby, I've got my Gremlin (almost) built and I now need a pair of goggles for it. My budget is very low as you can guess from the title, so does anyone have any recommendations for goggles under $65?

Thanks in advance,

Harry C
heyyy harryconner,i was in the same dilemna as you a few months ago.My budget was around 70$.However i decided to go for one a bit more expensive that would give me a better experience also it had 1080p and was perfect for me to wear without my glasses.My glasses are +5 on each eye so thats a good thing to have a goggle that can coopereate.My choice was the eachine goggles 2.They are just fabulous and work pefectly.Below is a list of my suggested goggles that may be close to your price range.

Eachine goggles 2-139$ (a bit over budget but is totally worth.It even has a large and wide display)
eachine vr009-66$(is the next best option)
eachine vr007-46$(still ok for use but not that good of a experience)
eachine vrd2-80$-(Has a ajustable fresnel lens and is mid quality)
eachine ev800-54$(ehhh its k)
Kylin Vision-100$(it is almost as good as the eachine goggles 2 and is sold at the flitetedst store.
there may be a few more but this is the best i could find while i researched


Wake up! Time to fly!
I would suggest more research. Specially the reviews of any FPV gear you wish to purchase. Cheap is NOT the way to go with your radio gear nor your video gear. You can be frugal and get decent gear but remember this is something that will be part of your experience for a LOOOONG time. This is not something you would more then likely be swapping out regularly as you grow in the hobby.

It is best to go by the bad reviews of a product so you get the bad sides of what you are buying. That way you can kind of check off a list of things you DON'T want to have to deal with. Any of those products with nothing but good reviews I would stay FAR away from as they are more then likely bots or company employees gassing the product up. Look up reviews NOT on the sales sites as you will see far more honest reviewing. Same thing with You tube reviews. the review may speak high praise but I guarantee the responses will be far more honest.

Then once you do make a final decision keep an eye out for the average pricing and wait a bit longer to see if you can catch it on sale some where like on smaller mom n pop web sites vs the big retailers. I managed to grab my goggles over 100 dollars lower then average pricing on a last item is stock sale by doing that.