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Best FPV platform, planes only please

Hello, I was just wondering what your thoughts are on the best platform for FPV. I have been looking at alot of videos and it seems alot of people favor wings over normal style planes. If you agree tell me why and if you dont tell why not. I am going to get into FPV as soon as I get up the nerve, I have done it briefly a couple of times, with a wing, using a monitor but I also have a set of goggles and cant wait to get them on but lack a spotter to be with me.

Thanks I look forward to your responces.


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In a very simplistic answer, Wings tend to have more payload carrying capability, where normal wing/fuselage planes can be made to fly slower and very stable.

As I said, this is a simplistic answer. There are wings that will fly very slow and be stable, and there are "normal" planes that can carry a ton. But most will fall into the categories I have mentioned.
I am about to help you out man.....here is the hook up....open google, type "fpv rc plane" or any combinations thereof, sit back and prepare yourself to be amazed.
the rc niche known as fpv has sooooo many sizes, shapes, and yes even colors. We will better be able to accommodate inquisitive minds if you simply expound upon what you would like out of an fpv system. How far you want to go, how fast you want to get there, how long do you want to stay airborne, how much room do you have to launch/retrieve, what kind of budget do you have in mind and what kind of plane are you most familiar with......so on and so forth.


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Wings are great. They take a lot of abuse, they go fast, and they're aerobatic.

Wings suck. They end up needing to take a lot of abuse, partly because they go fast, and they're not self stabilizing.

It all depends on what you want out of your FPV experience, where you'll be flying, and what your skill level is. I flew in a rather small area my first times trying to do FPV. With my faster aircraft, I found I was going outside my "safe" area, and was getting "lost" while flying. I didn't trust the plane, and FPV gear, so I would constantly be taking my eyes off the screen to search for where the plane was, and what it was doing.

Using a plane that would fly "hands off" was one solution to my early FPV troubles. A wing doesn't usually provide this. (Although with a set of gyros, or a wii stabilizing system, this could be easily fixed.)

Just my take on the question...