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Best glue for wood on styrofoam?

I am going to build a rudder and an elevator from wood sheeted styrofoam https://yourdiorama.com/best-glue-for-styrofoam-reviews-buyers-guide/ . For my first tests I used normal white wood glue and after drying it makes quite a tight connection between the styrofoam and the wood the problem is that everything must be fixed an under some pressure for about half an hour.
Is there a glue which works works much faster and does not destroy the styrofoam. What about spray adhesives like 3M 77?
What glue do you use and how long do the components have to be fixed?
Maybe there is one that even works within seconds?
Thank you
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The best glue for wood and foam would be white glue, if not hot glue works well but you need to give it some time to cool so it doesnt melt the foam.


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If you want fast, use hot glue. If you want strong, polyurethane (gorilla glue and others), but it takes about an hour to set. What makes it so strong, the polyurethane will expand into the foam giving the glue a larger surface area to hold.


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If gluing Balsa Bamboo or a similar porous wood to styrofoam I either use the polyurethane glue which can be messy and rather expensive for big projects as well as difficult to clean off if it is allowed to really set before sanding OR I use a clear craft glue which is foam safe and a near equivalent of POR-UHU but much much cheaper. The glue info can be found here; https://www.sullivans.net/products/details/49902/glue-craft-and-hobby-250ml-clear.

As a side benefit it glues FB extremely well and permanently!

Works for me!

Have fun!