Best Intermediate Plane EVER!


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Hey Guys,

So... Im a LONG time RC nut... Im new to these forums, but i've been watching flitetest for awhile now.

I have recently got into planes and am loving them.. for along time I just flew Heli's, and have switched over to just planes.

My wife got me the Hobby Zone Firebird Stratos for just a fun park flyer which has got me into planes big time..

Ive had real flight simulator for awhile and can easily fly 4 channel's. Performing Aerobatics and 3D is becoming easier and easier.

Im looking for a good, strong intermediate RTF that i can grow into and use for along time. My main wants are...

Durable construction, well powered, and big enough control surfaces to grow into duel rates and more aggressive aerobatics and 3D as I get comfortable. Here's a plane that im pretty interested in..

Let me know some planes you guys would recommend!


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The switch is a cool plane and is fun to fly on the RealFlight sim. You do realize that most people here though will recommend the Bixler(2), right? I say go with that Flyzone Switch, though!

The only thing is that if you are now looking for your second plane, you need to think about getting a decent transmitter. The DX6i or Turnigy 9X(R) will be the most recommended here. Get a transmitter then you can get plug-n-fly planes and save some money and not have a bunch of crappy RTF transmitters to deal with.

I just watched the vid, you don't wan't to power down too much in a turn cause the plane is already loosing air speed and cutting the power is just asking for a stall.

That flying site looks a little rough for the little wheels on the Switch.
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Radio, some receivers and some dollar foam. Start building some of the Flitetest swappables. The Nutball is just more fun then 5 miles of grapevine with a monkey on it. I fly it's cousin a Snowball. But you can swap the power pod that way and fly any one of the other swappables. Wring out your worries and overprotectiveness on 50 cents of foam, then buy something fancy and big bucks. That way you'll know how to confidently fly and not dork your new plane that your scared of. "Heck, I can fly that no problem" you'll say from experience not just hope.

And building is a whole new level of fun. You don't want to miss out on it.


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you cant do 3D with your average intermediate sport plane; 3d planes are specific build.

the Switch should be a good option, but also the HK pitts ... lots of fun out of the box .. you can definitely do sport flying, loops, rolls, stall turns but cant hover or torque roll !!

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