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Best mini 3D foamie?

Heya Flitetest community!

So i'm going away for a while and was looking for a little plane that i can take with me ... like something to just entertain me whilst i'm there. So the logical thing would be a small foamie preferably an epp. And that is compatible with spektrum!
I'm looking for the smallest and most fun package yet retaining the ability to be flown in an outdoor environment ... So the specs ideally are:

Tough and resistant
Small and fun
Compatible with spektrum
Cheap as possible for the best package
Shippable to the UK

Thanks a bunch for reading its much appreciated!
I have a Beast and its a lot of fun to fly but it's not really very durable. The wings are very thin and tend to tear if you have a rough "landing". What about something like the Twisted Hobbies Crack Yak mini? It's a bit bigger but I suspect its a lot more surviveable (though I haven't actually seen or flown one in real life).
I was going to suggest something from Twisted Hobbies as well....Mini pitts maybe? Any of these would be pretty hard to pack but I think it could be done if you got creative :)

Good luck and let us know what you decide on!