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Best prop for mini mustang?

Hey all, just wondering if the suggested 6x4.5 prop is the best bet for a 2205 2300Kv motor, or if anyone has something they like better.

I was wondering about a 5.5x5 bullnose, or whether a 5.5x4.5 would give enough thrust and longer flight times. I've also got some 5x4.5x3 tri-blade props that might work...

The Hangar

Fly harder!
I would stick with the stock 6x4.5 for starters. I used a 5x3 triblade on mine and it wasn’t very impressive. I’ve had much better luck on my other minis using a 6x4 prop. You can always switch out props once you’ve gotten the plane flying like you want it to. I did that with my Dr-1, and found out it did even worse with the triblade prop than the mini mustang.