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Best Radio Under 200

Hello everyone,
I am not new to the rc world, but I need a new radio, as my dx6 no longer works, I am thinking of a Taranis Qx7 but I heard the company has been very bad lately as in, as in they wont support older protocols, my main goal of this radio is to do projects like the ones flitetest, Tom Stantom, Peter Sripol, Project Air do but dont want to spend a lot of cash for a dx9 ,and I would like to also have the possibilities for modules.

Thanks in advance


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I think your best option would be to get a open TX X9D you'll have nearly unlimited functions, but it is a little more expensive than the QX7.


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Jumper T16 or the Jumper T12 Pro. Both are waaay better than the Taranis 9XD or QX7, with better features and full OpenTX support. They will fly all your old Spektrum receivers as well as any other brand.
Frsky is not nearly as good and the current firmware is a hot mess.
T16 has full colour screen, bigger size and internal charging, T12 is a good smaller sized TX with the same LCD as in the QX7. Both have a full JR module bay and internal multi protocol modules that do everyone elses receiver protocols. Both will work with TBS Crossfire with no mods.
My son has been flying the T12 for over a year, it’s been superb.


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When you say DX6 which one is it I have sent in a Spektrum radio I purchased used and the RF deck was out of it and only charge was shipping. If it was me I would stay with Spektrum do your self a favor and look at OT and the companies and see if they stand behind there products.