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Best servo linkages?


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Hey guys, looking for recommendations for good linkages to use. I just replaced my servos with Emax ES08MA II and all my linkages are now off. Instead of bending all new rods and hoping I get them all right I was thinking of going the clevis style route, something like these Du-Bro ones. Does anyone have any nice adjustable linkages they like to use?


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I have those but I'm not a fan of the regular nut on them - worried about them vibrating loose or just loosening up over time from normal use.

I'd rather just buy these: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0006OBMJI/?tag=lstir-20

Also I have plenty of nice needle nose pliers to use. It's the problem of getting the linkages the right length.


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Are you fussy? Dubro also makes a brass 2-56 threaded fitting for their link that solder on to steel or brass plated wires. Or it you're low class like myself, I just solder pushrods onto my rods. Or if I am feeling like it, 1/16 music wire threaded with aforementioned 2-56 die. Might be 3/32 or 7/64 for proper threading. Been a while since I used some that way.


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My own view is to keep pushrods as short and as light as possible.
Long wire rods in an RC plane may cause interference. Heavy linkage puts an unnecessary load on the servo and can strip the gears in a crash.