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Best Value Action Cam


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I'm looking for an inexpensive action cam that I can stick to my airplanes and take video. I'm wondering what other people's experiences have been with other cameras on the market. As a member of the PCMR I need 60fps or everything looks choppy to me. I can happily do without 4k but 1920x1080 is a must. I'd like it to be smaller than a GoPro, but if it's in the classic GoPro form factor that's fine. The $30-$60 price point would be nice.

Does anyone have experience with cameras to avoid/recommend?


Antigravity or bust...
The original Xiaomi Yi is probably the best in your price range, tho it might be a tad over $60. It can shoot HD @ 60 FPS and it has up to 2K video resolution. It has video output that you can run to your VTX and use for fpv without having to have 2 cameras. I had 5 of these at one point and after countless crashes only managed to break one by crashing into rocks. Was able to repair with new lens for only $15.

Afterthought: Was just thinking, for airplanes you should also take a look at the runcams with DVR. Their footage is getting better, size and weight is less and you would probably have better mounting options.
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OutaTime FPV

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haha It's my cousin's Hobbyzone Super Cub S, the slightly newer model of the LP, his has the SAFE system... other than that they are the same. he broke his cowl and hasn't got a new one yet so that's why the motor is hanging off the front. :p
The cowls were the downfalls of those planes. Always breaking!