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Bevel Cut / Tape Hinge

Here are 4 pics from my blog which explain that I can't cut bevels free hand very well and what I do instead. I have a small hobby table saw that does a good job and I found some kraft tape that is just about the same color as the Flite Test foam board. Check the blog for more details: https://foamboardflyers.com/



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Interesting idea using a hobby saw to cut bevels.
I find using a handle on a utility blade works for me. The handle gives more control, you control the depth of cut by twisting the handle. Also, while holding the blade, let the tip of you finger go under the foam, you will be able to feel the depth changes far more accurately than you can see them. Finally, glue a piece of sand paper to a straight scrap board (about 15" long) and use it to make a good bevel cut perfect.
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