BF 109 F


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so the plan is to do a rotation ( german, russian, japan, usa, brit ) and the I-16 is the next russian plane. I havent made up my mind yet on the usa plane. Im thinking a p-40 or p-36. Leaning on the p-36 cause I want the first planes to be early war. I guess the exception is the bf109 f and g models, E-3 plans will be made, but the f and g were easier for the time being.

The I6 is COOL!
Early USA could be the P-36 or P-39.... The 39 having a much longer service life.


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Well the plans, video, and one of the planes are done.. I didnt have enough time to render the video and post it tonight so it will have to be monday (cause work). So heres a pic instead and look out for another post about it. It wont be added to this thread.


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Wow, that looks amazing. The work on the nose has clearly paid off. There’s a lot of curves for something made out of sheet materials, you wouldn’t know that was foamboard just from the picture.
That’s a classy simple paint job too.
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Wow -you've cracked it!
This is what I've been looking for.
Am a relative newbie but looking to build ww2 warbirds that don,t have a square front.
It looks like you're doing something similar to this-I'm sure you know about it though

Also may I suggest a Hawker Hurricane and Stuka for your next project!
Keep up the good work-and thankyou its very much appreciated!!!