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Help! BH -v22 osprey

Hello I am fairly new to the world of rc stuff atleast recently. I grew up flying a super cub and helis to pass the time but never knew much about them. My father always was more into cars so never was shown alot. But I recently bought a bananna hobby v22 osprey. And on its first flight it glitched out and crashed. Had to replace nearly every single piece of foam along with a few parts here and there. Iv been doing extensive research into the plane but honestly I'm not finding much on it. The few bits and pieces I have found are generally not very helpfull and I'm scared to try to fly it in plane mode because of the crash. As such I'm trying to improve it and hopefully work out any kinks in the plane. I bought a spektrum ds6 to controll it and hopefully avoid radio cutting out. But I ask if anyone knows anything helpful about the plane. I bought a turbo timber for my father in hopes mabye we can have somthing to connect with again. However the more I fly this the more I'm thinking perhaps the motor pod servos and the flight computer? Need to be replaced. I however know very little about such things and don't really even know where to begin with that stuff. The only thing iv been able to find of semi helpful nature is
from his flights it would appear he has the thing working very well but I can't wrap my head around how he actually did it. The osprey is my favorite aircraft but sadly there only seems to be this one available. The eflight version seems to just be scaled down but with all the same glitch to it and its been discontinued.
If it says anything I only learned within the past week that some servos have an end to them. Or do they all? Eather way very new. Any help would be greatly appreciated. And here is the plane currently. Yes the wing is a different color they didn't have the right one for the replacement.