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Binding Problems

Hey guys,

I'm hoping that you can help me. I just purchased the OrangeRX T-Six transmitter and also the OrangeRX R615 6ch receiver. Now the problem that I'm having as you have already guessed is that I can't bind the transmitter to the receiver. I have double and triple checked everything and spent the last 2 hours reading different suggestions online.

So what actually happens is that I have the "bind" plug in the spot that says "Batt/Bind" on the receiver, then I plug my speed controller into the "Thro" port on the receiver and power it on. I then hold the "Trainer" switch on my transmitter and power it on. The receiver has a rapidly blinking light which I expected and the transmitter constantly has "Bind" across the display and I have held it there for 5 minutes with no change to the receiver status.

If anyone could shed some light onto this situation I would greatly appreciate it.



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Have you tried a different area or location? You might be near some kind of interference in the house from a wireless router or something...


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I don't have an Orange Tx, but I know that sometimes as long as the bind plug is in, it'll still be in bind mode. Add some servos to the Rx, take out the bind plug, and see if it works. My Tx has always binded almost instantly so it seems like I missed something because there was no real wait between looking for the Rx, and binding to it.
Thanks guys, I just tried moving to a different area in the house and connected a servo to the receiver but still no luck. With the bind plug in I can hear the servo get power as soon as I connect the battery but I still have the rapidly blinking LED and it still wont bind. Also I just had a go at connecting everything to the receiver and powering it on but this time I don't get any LED status on the receiver at all it's just blank.


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It still could be interference. I know cordless phones (land lines) are also 2.4ghz and I know Flite Test/Chad had problems with their neighbors security camera system causing 2.4ghz interference. If you have either of those maybe trying turning them off while trying to bind. Or maybe it's your neighbor.
haha yeah xuzme I had my TX powered up before I connected the battery to the RX but so far it only seems to have "life" when the bind plug is connected.


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Sorry, brother. You know I had to ask!

Hmm, this is a conundrum....
You don't happen to have a receiver pack or some way to power the Rx in the battery/bind port? I'm wondering if this Rx has a split power rail which doesn't make any sense but if it's only seeming to power on with the bind plug in...
No unfortunately I don't, I'm wondering if I should bite the bullet and just order another RX and see if that one binds, it will go one of two ways, the new receiver will bind with no issues and I'll send the original back for replacement or it wont bind and I'll have 2 receivers that I can't use and also pointing at the TX for being at fault but I'm still unsure.


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And the connector from the esc is turned the right way. I "once" tried to bind with the connector the wrong way - had to scratch my head for a while........ bind tsix.jpg And why this instruction when the tx has a bind/trainer switch? Get a new rx and try.


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Spektrum radios are pretty popular, so it might not be that hard to find someone with something that can bind to dsm2. If you've got a buddy with a spektrum radio, see if it will bind to the rx. Any LHS should have more than a few spektrum radios around, and a nice LHS might help you trouble shoot this, but if they do, be sure to kick some of your business their way.


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Thanks everyone for the suggestions, I'll be doing some more fault finding today, hopefully I'll get it sorted :)
I have had the same issue for 2 orange 6 channel receivers, so I assume its a factory fault. First one I sent back for replacement... Expensive. For the second on I made a video to prove issue. Got replacement units both times.
Thanks percy, I just ordered another R615 and also the R410 just to make sure if the receiver is faulty or if it's the Transmitter, either way something will be getting sent back to HK for replacement.