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Biplane Kyosho Acrosky converted to electric


Junior Member
Hi Folks,

this is my first post here in the Flite Test forum's.

I wantet to show you my nearly finished Biplane.
A verry old balsa wood set from Kyosho.
I have startet the build as my second plane i ever build and have now finished it ~15 years later.
When i startet building the wings i soon realised that this plane would be to dificult for me so i puttet it asside an the most work was done this year.
Seadly i didn't finish in summer but i look forward to do the maiden fligth soon.
Only things that are missing in the moment are the decorating stripes on the orrange surfaces and an accurate batterymount in the fussalage.

But now here some pictures.


Junior Member
final stepp will be tiger stripes to get a tiger look. This is why it is all orange on top an white on bottom.

And i want to add some cockpit look and fittig pilot figure.
Actualy i have to get an idea which pilot dimension i need so it looks realistic.
Maybe someone can help me out.
In an biplane like this, can you see more than the head? when looking from the side.

also i want to add some no stepp an danger and so on stikkers. as well as plane number an so on