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Bixler 1.1 with 2820 1400kv

Has anyone put a large engine on their bixler? I have a spare Grayson 2820-.04 from a crashed Swift and I am contemplating putting it on the Bixler with a 8x4 from the Batbone. Ill also put a 70amp esc on to.
My bixler, I have chopped off the nose to put my Gopro on the front, so it is quite nose heavy already.
Thoughts ???
ehhhhhh, the venerable Bixler has seen a great many modifications....some good, some bad. I have been guilty of both. Have even run a 2200kv MonsterJet on 4s just to prove I could. My general advice would be to stick with more of a reasonable motor like the 2826 2200kv with a 6x4 prop. This plane is after all a glider/trainer, not a hotliner although many have tried. Now i did like the RCtimer BC3530-8 1700kv with a 8x4 but as I started building proper parkjets my need to turn the 'ol bix into something its not went by the wayside. More motor does not equate to more speed with a lumpy/draggy non performance designed glider.....just makes a hell of a lot more noise. If its the only motor you've got, go ahead and pop it on, ain't gonna hurt anything aside from pissing off the neighbors and shortening flight time.

You will need one of these for an 8x4 prop....cause cutting the tail for clearance is a BADDDDD idea (ask me how i know)