Bixler 1 build help!


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Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums but I've been watching Flitetest videos for about 2 years now.

So my uncle just gave me a brand new Bixler 1 Kit with a few electronics. I recently got my first job and was able to purchase the rest of the needed components. My parts list is as follows:

Turnigy Aerodrive D2826/6 2200kv motor
Turnigy Plush 40a ESC
Hextronic 9g servos
OrangeRX flight stabilizer
Nano Tech 3s 2200mah 45-90c battery
6x4 prop

I'm just struggling a lot with putting together the plane. The included instruction manual is horrible, it's meant for the ARF and PNF versions where half the components are already installed and the airframe is almost assembled. I have no idea where to start.

Any links to complete build guides are helpful or if someone can write up a quick guide from experience would be greatly appreciated. This is my first plane so all tips and tricks are welcome.

Oh and should I even bother hooking up the OrangeRX stabilizer? Will it work well?

Thanks for the help!


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I cant see much wrong with you bits.
This might help.
You don't really need the stabiliser in a Bixler but you can use it as a normal receiver (stabiliser inhibited) and once you are happy the Bixler flies reasonably you can arrange to switch it on and off using the 'gear' switch on your transmitter. You can then experiment to see the effect it has.