Bixler 2 Build - Take a shot at one of these!...


"Doc" Gravina
Got this wonderful Bixler 2 thanks to a silly crash photo I submitted to HobbyKing, and the amazing folks out there were kind enough to virtually donate this airplane. I only paid 31 bucks including shipping, and while it was backordered, got here in less than 4 weeks.

Imagine over that waiting period, I saw just about every Bix2 video there is out there in the internet. Still, while basic build is pretty simple, a few things puzzle me. Give me a hand? Here are the issues I am facing now:

- Flaps/Rx - Best way to configure?
As far as the wing, I have placed both flap servos as it shows on the manual, both facing outwards to the wingtip. Now if I use a Y harness, the flaps will act as ailerons. I have an Orange 6 Ch Rx, and a Dx6 Tx. I saw somewhere that if I put one flap on Gear, and the other in Aux1, then there is a way to reverse one flap, and if I remember mix so they both move one way?

- Flaps/Horns- How much travel? How to configure?
Right now my servos are centered, but they travel 180 degrees, or pretty darn close to that. How to limit that on a Dx6, and what to limit the travel to? Really lost on this one, and not able to get too much info, just a little here and there.

- Three position switch for Flap
How can one configure the Dx6 to have 0-Flaps retracted, 1-50% Flaps, 2-100% Flaps ?

- Stock Bixler 2 motor. 7x5 vs 7x6 prop
The model shipped with a 7x5 prop, though I bought an almost identical prop, except its a 7x6, which to me all it means is more bite. What can be expected from the change? less battery life? more speed? slower rpm? more tension on the motor?

Thank you so much for all the comments and ideas, everyone will go into helping this newb -me- get a good flying Bixler 2.


"Doc" Gravina
I did see this video, which actually had the solution I was looking for, but cannot replicate a few things.

The Flap travel distances do not match from one channel to another, and also while I was able to reverse (I never knew on Dx6 I could hit trim, travel, reverse, etc). Still, not sure how to do this since the settings for GEAR and AUX1 do not seem to be exactly the same.

Should be able to define the travel of the servo, center, then reverse one of them, and actuate both with switch D to apply no-half-full flaps!...

Another hour tinkering with Dx6 settings, no success. So far flaps made for good backup ailerons, sigh...

Gonna keep looking.


"Doc" Gravina
Well, my fault for posting a heavy multi themed thread that in the end was never going to be answered.
Thank god I am pretty self motivated. So here is the end of the saga which really just starts and is now done here:

- Flaps travel, was able to see in video.
- Flap arrangements. Simple as could be. Dx6 Radio allows you to go to Aicraft Type, select wing with Flap, and the system automatically lets you choose one or two channels for the flaps, offers reversal, and on top of it, suggests the 3 position switch for off, partial and full flaps. In the end it was 5 minutes of tinkering around and I got it.

So that's that. You do have my word I will be more mindful when posting in the future, seems this type of post is not something that was really rare and with lots of visibility. After all, just a noob with a Bix2.