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Bixler ARF Buddy Code


The Expert Newbie

Does anyone have a Bixler ARF buddy code I can use? (International Warehouse).

If not, what about the following items:
- Turnigy 3S 1300mAh LiPo (Nanotech and normal version)
- Keychain camera
- MicroSD card from Sandisk
- TYP1-25A - Turnigy TY-P1 25Amp HEXFET® Brushless ESC
(HK-SS-ARF - Hobbyking Bixler EPO 1400mm - (ARF) )


Rotor Riot!

Camera = LINK

I think this should work for the Bixler, but I don't know: LINK

I'd recommend you get 2200mAh's for the batteries - they last a whole lot longer. You don't need a nano-tech for this airplane.

2200mAh 3S


The Expert Newbie
Thanks man! Could you help me find a Micro SD buddy code for the Sandisk Micro SD carD? I had one but it expired after i cleared my browser's cache by accident.


The Expert Newbie
I think you can only use one Buddy code per order. I used it to get about 2.X dollars off the MicroSD card. Thanks Colorex!


The Expert Newbie
There is no buddy code for bixler ARF, but after leaving page open for a while, I got a discount to get my price down to 49$