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Bixler II FPV/Drone


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I am new to this hobby, although I have always liked the idea of flying RC planes with cameras attached. Finally I have found everything that I think I need for an FPV/Drone base and ordered it :D

Here is what I got:

Bixler II ARF

9-Channel 2.4G Turnigy 9X radio

LiPo Charger http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/..._6_50W_6A_Balancer_Charger_DE_Warehouse_.html


2650 3S 20C LiPo

Plus some connectors:

To begin with, I will just fly the plane normally to get used to it, since I've not flown much RC before, then I can add a camera and FPV equipment, then ArduPilot Mega 2.5 and then fancy things like head tracking :p

Do I have all the things I need? Is it a good base for future development? Please Reply.

Yea thats all you need. Also maybe its a good idea to buy the 9X from HK since the 9x from hk has some software improvements. If I am right you can also flash the 9X yourself, you should ask bmsweb about that. You dont need to buy the HXT 3.5 mm because you dont need them. You will need to buy some bullet connectors I think. But I dont know which size you will need them.


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HK tells a pack of bs about flashing the tx. All they do is change the name from FlySky to Turnigy. The custom firmware is able to be flashed using an AVR programmer, soldering the wires to the solder pads as per BMSWEB's article. You then flash the HEX file (which is the new firmware) on to the tx.

An alternative to soldering is to use the Smartipants board. Instead of having to solder, it has pins that touch these soldering pads. Because you screw it down, it holds in place and can be left in the tx. This option costs about $45 or so (check out http://parkeflyer.com/). It also includes a backlight.

I'm cheap, so went with the $5 AVR programmer and $5 backlight from HK. It was far easier than I expected, and I have very little soldering experience.
About the FPV-gear:

I use my bixler 1 for fpv. What you should know that most stuff like headtracking or diversity is not needed. I can easily fly behind my 8dbi patch for about 20 meters. I advise that you first buy ''basic' fpv gear. (Just video transmitter camera receiver and maybe a patch) Then figure out what do you want with FPV? Most people buy fpv gear to fly 10 maybe 15 km. Most people just cant do it. The fun thing with fpv is to circle arround the top of the church. Those things are fun. After training with your basic fpv setup you can always make it more advanced if you want to.