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Black and White Picture


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I've just got my Eachine CCD 700tvl 148 Degree Camera Lens w/ 5.8G 200mW FPV Transmitter

working to FatShark Teleporter V3.

I can see the image its clear but the picture is in black and white?

Camera is PAL, Goggles is PAL/NSTC
Correct channel (Channel 4)

The image seems lag free.

I've checked cables, I've checked the goggles against mobis action cam and its color.

Any ideas???
I'm not sure about that camera specifically, but mine (hs1177) will auto switch to b&w in low light conditions.
Try again in a bright environment and see if that triggers the color


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I have the same camera set only off Amazon and haven't had it go B&W even with low light. I don't have a set of goggles yet so it could be how the boscam monitor I have processes it differently? The only time I remember B&W signal was when I first powered it on and the auto search grabbed the first readable channel which wasn't the strongest. Manually cycling thru got better signal and all color.