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Black Dollar Tree Foam!?

Headed to Dollar Tree after work today to get the next stack of foamy goodness, and got a bit of a surprise. Black foam board! They didn't have any white, and well, I need to get going on the next crash...errr build. With clear packing tape it kinda looks like a nice gunmetal grey.

Anyone else run across this? *looks expectantly at Ed* :)



Junior Member
Yeah, black is cool if black is what you need. The paper is harder to peel off so I'd avoid it for "everyday use".
I did notice that as well. The black paper seems softer and more likely to tear. I've only very recently started buying the dollar tree foam and was surprised when I saw the black. Just a weird little thing I wanted to ask about. And a quick thank you to you Ed, your videos on how to turn the DT foam into something that can fly has hooked me big time!


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
I have seen the black on the Dollar Tree site but not at the store I go to. I have used the Hobby Lobby (Craft Store not the RC dealer) black foam board for several projects though. They are quite proud of it as they are of everything of the store though. (High Price).