Blade 200qx GPS modification


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So. This is my new request I have two Blade 200qx drone. I want to get into the FPV. So I am thinking to add a camera and a GPS Module on one of them I purchase a small cámara with a receiver and a small battery (2s 1000mah ). With a good antenna And an Echine EV800 google. Seems very easy to set up. But I don't know how to get a GPS Module to the Goggles i don't need to have it connected to the drone. Do don't need to have a Return to home. If is possible good. But honestly The only reason I wanted the GPS is to point me there I am and where is the drone located in the Goggles. Any idea how can I achieve this? Can I configure a GPS to the Goggles Without be connected to the drone flight controller? Thanks for your help


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You have it backwards. You need a GPS on the drone. It will never know where you are, it only knows where it acquired a GPS signal and will use that point as home.

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Pretty sure the Blade 200QX is closed-source and can't be modified to have a GPS... or at least not without very heavy modification.


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:-( I was hoping to have a workaround. I almost finish moving everything to the new frame and the camera. I was trying to have customization. but is ok, thanks for the help


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