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Blade Nano QX BNF w/ Spektrum DX6


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I just purchased the Blade Nano QX and have the Spektrum DX6, I am having an impossible time trying to set up the two different modes that the Nano is capable of on the transmitter. I cannot seem to figure out how to set it up to where I can switch from Stability and Agility mode. I have read the instructions and they seem to confuse me more, any help would be amazing!! Thank you!



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There should be no set up for the Nano on a DX6. On a Spektrum, I think it's the Aux switch they use for mode switching.


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The settings are downloadable at the spektrum website, named NANO QX FPV. I downloaded them and they worked fine, added 50% expo and limited throttle to 55% for flying inside my house.
Thanks, I feel rather dumb now that you have said that! But you helped me figure it out. So again thanks!
Please never feel dumb on the forum. Dumb would include not asking and finding out the hard way when there are so many people willing to help on here. I for one will never judge someone based on a question and I rarely see it occur.

Welcome to the forum and please feel free to ask anything. One day you may be able to help someone out and you'll know just what I mean.

Best to ya!



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Hello! I'm having the same issue. I can enter agility mode My throttle and rudder work but ailerons and elevator do not. This is my first computerized transmitter. Thanks for any imput!