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BLHeli Configurator


Knower of useless information
So, the very first aircraft I got that sucked me into this hobby was my Blade Conspiracy 220, a quadcopter. It's been faithful, small enough to haul around to various places and fly it nearly anywhere without issue.

When I was flying in AZ after Memorial Day, my last day out there I took the quad out and decided I'd give my brother in law a "ride". I started doing punch outs, dives, flips, and rolls. I got stupid, tried to pull a split-S maneuver, and put it into the dirt pretty hard. When I did that, I blew out a motor and an ESC.

Fast forward to this past week - I had enough spare cash to throw at it to fix it with replacement parts. Well, when I went to fix it, I hooked up the ESC, soldered the motor on, etc., and connected it up to the FC. Everything worked - sort of.

When I'd throttle up, the replacement motor would spin up as expected, but when I'd kill the throttle, it would spin down - I had no engine braking, something the others did have. I knew that the issue was with the ESC or Betaflight programming not being set up correctly, and started searching - which reminded me, "You gotta reprogram the ESC."

So, I started digging, and found that with the stock ESCs that came with it, you have to use BLHeli Configurator. So I connect it up, fire up the quad, and on 3 of the ESCs, they say they're DYS ESCs. The new one that I replaced had something else - SkyRC ESCs These were all the exact same ESC; the new one was a direct replacement.

Turns out you need to flash them so they all read the same, and enable engine braking - but when you do it, you need to acknowledge that you are flashing firmware that could potentially be the wrong firmware for the hardware you are using. In this case, I knew it was the right firmware, because all of the others were working properly; after the flash, everything was good and the new motor and ESC work exactly as I'd hoped. :)