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BLHeli ESC Calibration

Hi, I was installing new Graupner radio in my ElectroHub Y6 and playing with motor calibration and setup, no idea what I've done but now I can't calibrate the ESC's, for some reason 4 of the six motors are starting mid throttle, which seems to be arming them, as I move the stick up and down the rotation of the motors changes as well! I think I need to somehow reset ESC's to default, however I can seem to even enter the program mode. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Cheers


Flite is good
It sounds like you have entered bi-directional mode on those ESC's. Transmitter programming is now disabled and you cant do anything else to those ESC's without the Emax Programming Card.

The trick is to find the 8 function card. It is the newer card that supports bi-directional mode. Most places only sell the 7 function card. Some vendors show a picture of the 8 function card, then their product description is the 7 function card. Make sure you inquire as to 7 or 8 function prior to purchase.

This is what I got from Emax when I contacted them about the same issue.

"Answer: Hi Sir, When you change it to bidirectional model, you can not change it back by transimitter,you need use program card and set it back. Please confirm with local seller, the program card need be the new version,it have the button to set: Normal,Reverse,Bidirectional. Best Regards, Skip"

Here is the latest documentation on those ESC's. Take note of the last line on page 10.